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Reiki Healing




Join me on a journey of healing with my practice of Kinesiology and Sentaura Healing.

These healing modalities have given me so many tools and abilities and I am so grateful to have been bringing my skills to assist others for 15 years.

Are you feeling stuck? Not sure where to go next? Wanting to create something special but just can't seem to get there?

This special 3 session package will leave you feeling free to create, stable in your energy, congruent with where you want to go, confident in your actions, accepting of your unique self and wanting more! Perfect if you are wanting to branch out in your business, are a lightworker wanting to expand or just wanting to be happy in your life! 


This package has been created because I always say to my clients that a good 3 sessions with any modality will get you on your way and moving forward. So I wanted to create real intention with these 3 sessions - to get you unlocking your potential and gifts, knowing who you are and remembering what you are here to do on a deep level.


This special 3 session package gets you on the path to a speedy get-go process of living your purpose and being on your true path and highest timeline!

These sessions can be in my clinic in Stanmore Bay or online via Zoom.


What we cover:

Session 1 - Release:

This session is focused on releasing energy that is not yours, not serving you and is cluttering your energy field. Releasing all density. Releasing all sabotages and blocks that are in the way of you stepping forward and moving forward with grace and ease.

Session 2 - Empower:

This session is focused on empowering you to live your purpose and step onto your highest timeline. Learning how to stay in your power. Strengthening the solar plexus. Infusing your energy field with the highest vibration of love and light and aligning your body with your goals.


Session 3 - Create:

This session is focused on creating your path and alignment to your goals. Let’s create what it is you are moving towards, now that you are congruent to do so! Can include business coaching, awakening your gifts, planning for the future and putting into place manageable steps and goals.


Total - $900


3 sessions (once every 2 weeks) over a 6 week period

1 hour sessions


  • 6 week 1:1 program

  • Unlimited Whatsapp message exchange and support

After 6 weeks you will feel transformed, balanced, inspired and ready to go!

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