I felt very lost and unbalanced as I was going through a painful break-up and a huge change in my life.  Kimberley is a miracle worker!  She helped me let go of the blocks in my energy and I always felt completely balanced, fulfilled, grounded and content after every session and this feeling continued on.  A five star service!!

Anna Gail


Kimberley has changed my life!  I went to see Kimberley as I was suffering from constant back pain. This was caused by a car accident.  After 3 months of seeing Kimberley my back is pain free, however we tackled many more issues.  I no longer suffer from anxiety and I sleep through the night, for the first time in a long time! Kimberley has improved my relationships with my family, friends and my work life.  She is amazing, thank you Kimberley.

Dei Crystal


Sometimes break throughs appear to work but after a few days they wear off. I can tell you now that this has been a page turner for me. I feel like a new person, the person I've always been but never believed in. I feel as light as a sheet of paper, knowing that I am complete. Thank you for your invaluable assistance in identifying, locating and removing the contents of this blind spot.

John Kjargaard


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