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It was a year ago when I sent Kimberley a message asking if she was still doing her Kinesiology as I’d read it could help with suppressed & repressed feelings. I was looking to shed all my heaviness & to start to travel this world lighter. Little did I know I would be completely cracked open to start living the BEST version of myself. I literally feel like through Kimberley’s work I am living a completely different life to the first 35 years as that unloved, unworthy little girl & that is now all been released & let go. I now have a true place of belonging on this earth I have an understanding of ME & who I am, what I deserve & a true connection to my soul & my souls purpose in this lifetime. Kimberley has been the most amazing mentor through my journey of self discovery & I'm forever grateful.

~ Tracey Gubb


I reached out to Kimberley late last year for mental health support initially. I was experiencing a lot of anxiety and wanted to resolve it at a deep level, so I could move forward in my life feeling more confident, at ease with myself and inspired. I knew I needed different support from the traditional route (conventional psychologists and counsellors didn't resonate with me anymore), and felt compelled to approach my healing from a more holistic and spiritual perspective. I put a post asking for help on the NZ Spirit Tribe Facebook group, and was inundated with beautiful offers of assistance from a huge variety of healers, coaches and modalities. After going through them all, I felt that I resonated most with Kimberley's message and offering, and booked an initial consultation. At first I wanted a coach/mentor I could meet with in person (Kimberley is in Auckland and I live in the eastern BoP) and had some reservations about the effectiveness of meeting over Zoom.  I also have some financial constraints at the moment, so online sessions felt like an even bigger gamble! But my intuition told me that it would be worth it and that I needed to connect with Kimberley. 


I've had four incredibly insightful and empowering sessions with Kimberley now, and have another one booked for a month's time. As I write this I'm actually struggling to find the words to express my deep gratitude to Kimberley for the profoundly positive impact she has had in my life. Each session has built on the previous one, to the point now where I literally feel like a different person - yet more myself than ever before - if that makes sense! As an empath I'm highly sensitive to the turmoil in the world, and have struggled to manage this in the past - it has made me extremely anxious. After Kimberley's sessions I am significantly more at peace, to the point where my family have commented on the difference in me. I have also - just this week - made a huge leap forward in my life by initiating and leading a mental health support circle in my rohe. This is my passion and my calling, and something I have done in the past, but I am only just now feeling strong and confident enough to tackle it again (after a significant breakdown at the end of 2020). Kimberley has some unique gifts that I've never come across before, and I only wish we had crossed paths earlier! She is also very professional and easy to talk to, with good follow up notes. I really value that. Thank you so much Kimberley, for supporting me to become the best version of me.

~ Amy Anne

Bay of Plenty

Kimberley taught me in 5 sessions to be an Ecstatic Dance DJ. I am so grateful for how she held me through my learning process, with knowledge, experience, ease and playfulness. When I DJed my 1st ED event I was excited and confident and able to offer a deep journey for the dancers. So much joy! Thank you Kimberley!

~ Judith Minemma

Palmerston North

A deep unwinding and soul lifting experience - before working with Kimberley, it was very difficult to connect to any feminine space within me. I've definitely felt blockages from my womb space, mostly because of sexual trauma and mother-daughter disconnect from upbringing.

As Kimberley focused on my body and spirit, I could REALLY feel her extract the toxic energy that was leached onto my field. It was such an emotional, beautiful transition coming from a loud, anxious headspace to complete still, nothingness. This has been a space that I have really ached for, for peace, for control of my thoughts and anxieties.

Since the healing, everytime I slip back into stressful, anxious patterns, I feel confident to pull myself out and come back to awareness. I feel empowered and most importantly I feel like I can give MYSELF permission to relax and be gentle with my beautiful body and mind. I'm so deeply grateful to Kimberley, I'll be keeping in contact and recommending her gifts and services to all my tangata!!

~ Jade


Kimberley’s dj training, if you would like an introduction in a fun, safe and supportive environment. She has a ton of experience and is able to explain the concepts in a very calm and supportive way. Her organisational skills are next level meaning you will learn systems for organising your music and much more than simply mixing. She intuitively knew what to spend more or less time on, and there was loads of hands on practice in the training which allowed to iron out any kinks and ask questions.

~ Yuna Huellou

Waiheke Island

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