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How they work, the benefits & Kimberley’s added extras

I create the same great results for my clients through Kinesiology sessions via Zoom.


You get to have your session without even leaving your home, making it incredibly convenient and a really efficient way for you to clear your blocks and move forwards.


Whether you’re feeling blocked, stuck, confused, anxious or just want to achieve your goals more easily, Kinesiology & Sentaura Healing sessions via Zoom can help.

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How a Kinesiology session via Zoom works:

In an in person session, I muscle test you to find this information. In a Zoom session, I muscle test myself on your behalf. I use a wide range of charts, books and other resources to gather this information, which we always link back to your goals and intentions for your session.

Intention plays a huge role in a Kinesiology session. Because my intention is to tune into your energy systems the information that I receive is purely your information, not my own.

Range of techniques used via zoom session include:

  • Holding acupressure and acupuncture points – I tell and show you where the points are and we both hold them as I explain what they’re related to and we discuss how this connects to what you’re working on

  • Clearing Sabotage programs and Belief systems. Again, I get you to tap your points

  • Information related to your emotions, attitudes or beliefs from a range of books and resources, which I read to you and we discuss

Throughout your session we link everything that comes up back to your goal and intention for your session.

How effective Kinesiology sessions are via Zoom

I have worked with many clients via Zoom who have previously worked with me in person and they have told me they find their Zoom Kinesiology sessions very similar, and just as effective. Many clients note a change in how they feel by the end of the session and then continue to notice ongoing changes for weeks afterwards. We use Zoom video to communicate. I find it useful to be able to see you and you see me as I often demonstrate things during the session and show you various points to rub/tap. However, if you do not have Zoom - I can also work remotely or via the telephone, just as effectively!

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Who Kinesiology Zoom sessions are for:

People with busy lifestyles, who find it difficult to set sufficient time aside to see me in person, current clients who like to continue with support and guidance in-between sessions or anyone living interstate, overseas or travelling.

If you have already had Kinesiology sessions in person (with me or someone else), sessions via Zoom are a great way to continue your maintenance program from the comfort of your own home or while travelling! Or if you have not had a session in person, therefore if you haven’t experienced an in person session before you won’t know the difference you just need to have an open mind about energy work and a willingness to take responsibility for your life and the changes you’d like to create.

I’ve worked with many clients in person and have found the dozens of sessions I’ve conducted via Zoom have been just as effective in helping my clients clear blocks, gain new insights, understand themselves and move forwards with far greater calmness and confidence. If you’re feeling stuck, blocked, confused, frustrated and know you want to create change, I can help!

EXTRAS with your Zoom calls with Kimberley

  • Typed notes from your session.  My clients love receiving their typed notes after their session so they can continue to reflect and process. We cover a lot of ground!  This includes:

    • Goals

    • What we cleared

    • Issues put into circuit to clear

    • Sabotages (belief systems) and how they were cleared

    • Home Reinforcement

  • Copies of emotion charts I use as well as charts for any points I ask you to rub

  • Links to any resources I feel will be beneficial for your process moving forward

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"I have worked with Kimberley both one-on-one at her practice and over zoom. I found all the Kinesiology sessions extremely helpful and have successfully experienced new awareness and perspective shifts. I genuinely find no significant difference in the session outcome between working over zoom and working in the practice. The approach for both is the same and the zoom sessions can allow for a balance on a busy day as there is no travel requirements and also meant I didn’t have to find a new Kinesiology practitioner when I moved interstate last year".

~ Ciara Clerkin (Sydney, Australia)

"I have had several sessions with Kimberley. Each has been profound and rife with insight. Kimberley gets right into the core of the issue and is clearly very passionate about what she does. I always leave feeling lighter and full of new possibility. The zoom sessions are just as powerful and insightful as meeting in person and are super convenient. Thank you!!!"

~ Jessica Dawson (Auckland, NZ)

"Thank you Kimberley for another wonderful Kinesiology session. After each of my invaluable sessions with you I seem to feel more harmonious, integrated and confident within myself.  I highly & enthusiastically recommend a session with you to others. I am mega grateful for your professional skill set and attentive caring heart which is fully present for the highest good, clarity, healing, wholeness and freedom of your clients. I love the channeled messages you bring through and the sweet resonance and useful guidance they hold which is perfect in the moment. Each session has delightfully surprised me with what unfolds. It is just so lovely as a fellow practitioner within the healing arts to be so expertly and kindly held and supported within our 1hr zoom sessions we have shared over the last 7-8 months. Thank you so much for the gift of what you offer. I am so happy to purchase another round of your sessions and continue on this wonderful journey together."

~ Mary Jo Halligan (Hanmer Springs, NZ)

Creative Co-director & Wellness Facilitator

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