DJ Kimba Jade has been spinning tunes for the past 20 years and runs Ecstatic Dance events.  Kimba takes people on a journey via melodic music that moves both bodies and hearts.


Based in Sydney for 7 years, she played professionally in clubs, until the lifestyle no longer suited her conscious approach, so she moved back to New Zealand and discovered Ecstatic Dance.


Her vibronic alchemical sets explore many genres and infuse oriental, tribal and ethnic tunes with her love of all things deep and bass-heavy.


Kimba’s passion to DJ and facilitate energy infused dance workshops has seen her at Festivals and Ecstatic Dance events in NZ, Australia, Europe and the USA. 


She now teaches DJing and Ecstatic Dance Facilitator Training both in person and online via zoom and has clients from around the world.


"It’s the Joy that music and dancing creates that is going to shift our conscious awareness to heal the planet”.

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DJ Kimba Jade plays Ecstatic Dance events, performs live DJ acts, Dance Meditation workshops as well as Sound Therapy sessions festivals, parties, weddings, celebrations and anything in-between. Please use the contact form for further information or to book. Otherwise phone/text/WhatsApp:

+64 22 013 9610

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