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12 - 14 JANUARY 2024

DJs & Musicians

Kimba Jade.jpeg



DJ, Teacher and Lightworker - Kimba Jade takes people on a journey via melodic music that moves both bodies and hearts. Her vibronic alchemical Ecstatic Dance sets explore many genres and infuse oriental, tribal and ethnic tunes with her love of all things deep and bassy.


Kimba Jade has been DJing Ecstatic Dance events for 7 years and runs Alchemic Dance Floor and Divinyl. Merging all areas of her being into her events, Kimba Jade has a special gift of encouraging transformation through movement.


Kimba also teaches DJ Ecstatic Dance Facilitator Training and runs the Ecstatic Dance Festival and her passion is to keep the authenticity of Ecstatic Dance and train as many as possible to lead and hold space.




Over the last 10 years years Anirvan Deva has become a cornerstone of the New Zealand ceremonial / ecstatic dance scene. His EDs waves are a legendary mix of mystical atmospheres, multicultural sounds & bouncy basslines with a deep groove.

Amy Potengert.jpeg



Bass Chakra, Vibe Architect: Explore the lush depths of low frequency sensuality Express through physical form, make sculptures with spacial fluency Contribute your energy to the space with each curated wave of vibration. Drawing on decades of selecting and collecting sexy grooves, experience: Low slung beats and moody basslines. Strength. Passion. Clarity. Vitality. Vocal reverence and sacred elements. Sensual. Intentional. Fierce. Elegance.



Juliana Botero known as Dj MoRpHo, being in love with music her whole life, intrigued with spinning records and making crowds of people dance, began in the electronic scene in 2004, identifying with funky electronic, tribal and fusion of sounds in her mix.

Currently DJ MoRpHo combines her healing through vibrational sounds and movement, combining music for celebrating life, moving energy and empowering human beings, surfing waves of awakening.

Quantik duo 2023.jpg



DJs, Musicians and Producers - 

Kimba Jade and Morpho collaborate as Quantik Duo!


Infused B2B DJing, phat deep chunky tunes, with Kimba on the bass guitar and Morpho on the saxophone. Quantik is the union of these two powerful woman, bringing their healing through their alchemical sets. Their Ecstatic Dance explore many genres and infuse oriental, tribal and ethnic tunes with their love of all things deep and bassy.


This duo facilitates the true goddess warrior energy within. Kimba immerses her Sentaura light healing into the act, while Morpho grounds the energy - creating a powerful duo energetic art form.



Ecstatic Dance DJ and Spiritual Life Coach. This divine guide is sent to change things up and disrupt the current reality. Her super power is connecting you to your intuition through soulful beats that allow you to go deep within. Her beautiful energy will allow you to shake out stagnant energy and experience liberation.



Blended selections for metaphysical connections, quasar detection's & booty inspections.
Roll up for a seductive, magical, artfully crafted multi genre odyssey of transcendent boogie, ethnic grooves, soulful funk, interstellar dubs, full spectrum house, electronica & much, much more.




Mathias Light's authentic frequency style can be best described as a worldly blend of organic, tribal and melodic house. His love for ancient as well as galactic sounds will take you on a deep journey, and when listening, you will undoubtedly find yourself connecting with your higher self and all beings around. Mathias is established in ecstatic dance journeys, where he connects participants through sound waves with the wisdom of their bodies and bridges their souls with divine consciousness. His mixes are designed to inspire us for a global awakening.



Embark on a journey of hypnotic rhythms with thunderous bass lines that awaken your primal instincts, allowing you to lose track of time and space. As the set progresses you'll find the dancefloor becomes a space where movement and emotion unite. Where the dance floor becomes not just a platform for dancing; but a canvas for self-expression, a place where music becomes the language, where mind and body unite. Join me as I take you on a euphoric journey of sonic experiences that isn't just heard; it's felt. Every set is crafted with thrilling twists, turns, and pulsating drops that leave you craving more. With each drop, I promise to keep you on your toes, making every moment a mind-bending, foot-stompingly good time. 

Shakti FB post2 generic.png


Kirtan and soothing music dedicated to aspects of the Divine Mother, for people to relax, sing with, and connect to their inner divine feminine.

Chill Zone



DJ SeanO has been playing with music since an early age, and recently discovered a passion for taking souls on a journey through ecstatic dance sets. Recently completed DJ Kimba Jade's Ecstatic DJ Facilitator Training 5 day retreat and now energised to raise the vibration. SeanO will be playing some downtempo beats and eclectic genres in the bbq hut on Saturday.



DJ OceanBlu aka Jules Bright brings the smooth aquamarine flow of chilled beats, whalesong flow, sparkling radiance of the Pacific and Moana to cool the day. Bringing medicine woman codes of love and connection, from the forest to the ocean, the fairy realm into our hearts. Feel connection, joy and bliss as OceanBlu carries you home.



Clare Williamson is a Conscious Creator, Transformational Coach and Shaman.


Her LOVE for music and belief in the ancient healing powers of the body led her into her work with Sacred Sexuality, Ancient Egyptian Alchemy, & Somatic Trauma Transcendence.


Clare gifts life-altering insight and profound healing to the innate light bearer who is ready to unleash the unapologetic and authentic version of themselves that is a radical expression of their soul's truth. 

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