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1:1 DJ or Ecstatic Dance Training In Person or Online

Have you ever dreamt of being a DJ?
Of being in front of a crowd and feeling the euphoria of performing?

Now is your chance!! 

DJ Kimba Jade offers one-on-one DJ Lessons, in person (if you are in Northland) or online via Zoom for 1, 3, 5 or 10 sessions (1.5 hours). Training on any equipment you have. Or equipment provided. Ideal for complete beginners or intermediate.


Now offering special whole weekend one on on training in Tutukaka Coast. Tailor made, specifically for your needs! Whatever level you are at.


This training can include Ecstatic Dance or can just be DJ Training.

Make your dream come true this year!

This training  includes:


  •  Finding the right music

  •  Creating effective playlists

  •  Holding space

  •  Crafting dance journey's and sets

  • Using Turntables & Vinyl

  •  Using Serato DJ software

  •  Using Serato DJ controller

  •  Beatmatching

  •  Harmonic mixing

  •  DJ skills and techniques

  • Creating a DJ Profile

Tailor made for YOU!

Just want to learn Ecstatic Dance?

I offer a 3 session Ecstatic Dance program

for $333 (1 hour sessions)

This includes: 

  • Finding the right music

  • Creating playlists

  • Adapting to a space

  • Setting up an Altar

  • Following the energy

  • Origins of Ecstatic Dance

  • Intentions to play Ecstatic Dance

  • Crafting an Ecstatic Dance Journey

  • Mixing an Ecstatic Dance Journey

My dream is to train as many DJs as possible to spread love, joy and release through movement and sound.
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WhatsApp Image 2023-05-12 at 3.07.27 PM.jpeg

Kimberley taught me in 5 sessions to be an Ecstatic Dance DJ. I am so grateful for how she held me through my learning process, with knowledge, experience, ease and playfulness. When I DJed my 1st Ecstatic Dance event I was excited and confident and able to offer a deep journey for the dancers. So much joy! Thank you Kimberley!

Judith Minnema (NZ)


Since I was a kid I dreamt of being on the stage. I wanted to entertain an audience and make people smile. One day I realised that I really wanted to be a DJ. I had always loved that sort of music and I would always watch them play at clubs, secretly wishing that was me. I told Kimberley about this in a 1:1 session and she told me about how she could teach me all about Ecstatic Dance DJing. I didn’t know much about Ecstatic Dance at the time but now it is a big part of my life. Kimberley has taught me all there is to know from how to facilitate Ecstatic Dance, DJing on your controller and to picking songs that make your butt move. Kimberley has been my biggest cheerleader and has helped me build up my confidence. Kimberley is an awesome teacher who is invested in your success. The best thing for me is having such a passionate, experienced and creative mentor. Each week I look forward to my session and hearing about all of Kimberley’s exciting Ecstatic Dance stories.


~ Ebony Beby (Australia)

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