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12 - 14 JANUARY 2024




Cacao & Yin Ceremony

In ceremony be guided through preparing for, receiving and deeply connecting with the sacred plant medicine of cacao and the spirit animal medicine of the jaguar, breath, somatic and energetic practices, guided meditation, sound (instrumental and song), trauma sensitive somatic yin yoga and compassionate self enquiry.





Breathe Into The Divine - to take participants into altered states of consciousness and connect to the truth within their souls! We will breathe, move, release, love and lift consciousness!



Vinyasa Flow


Nalini Bodhi is an experienced  yoga instructor and hare krishna devotee. Her extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology and deep understanding of eastern philosophy lends a unique perspective to her teachings. Former Social worker, she left her career to pursue a life of mindfulness, dedicating herself to helping others in their journey toward a more peaceful, harmonious and compassionate lifestyle.



Ceremonial cacao, psychedelics, neuroscience and mental health

Journey into ancient traditions of cacao with modern neuroscience, anthropology and research into spiritual awakening and neuroplasticity. We explore the science behind ceremonial cacao, it's traditional combination with psychedelics by tribes in Peru and its application to spiritual awakening and re-birth. Taking you on a journey through the cosmovision of cacao and the how it was seen and used by various tribes we discuss its evolution and the challenges we face to incorporate this master plant into modern day ceremonies. How to choose the right cacao for each modality and which cacao is ideal for using with dance and musical expression.





RestOra is a play on words which means; 'rest' allowing the body and mind to rest, relax and not work. 'Ora' meaning weaving of wellness, optimism and new beginnings. The nature of RestOra is to create a safe sacred space which weaves restorative yoga poses, a beautiful shamanic sound journey with Tibetan singing bowls, gong, drum, flutes…followed by a guided meditation of Yoga Nidra with the healing and clearing energies of Reiki. Ending with an intuitively guided pastel colour meditation artwork to deepen the experience. This is a relaxing, blissful and healing experience that allows you to connect inwardly.



Kundalini Reset

Kundalini Yoga is known as the ‘Yoga of Awareness or Consciousness’. Each practice or Kriya, is very specific to lead to incredible outcomes and transformation on a mental, emotional and spiritual level to bring purification of body, mind and spirit. This class is a powerful pick me to open your heart, awaken your energy, shift your perspective and elevate your frequency. Resetting your frequency for the New Year allows you to invite new opportunities into your life.

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Sacred Earth Medicine


We are inextricably linked to our Planet in magical and mysterious ways. Journey back to who we truly are – at our essence, at our core. Our true nature is Nature. We are made up of star stuff, of all the ancient languages and songlines, sacred geometry is our template, alchemy our song – the dreaming calls us to our life mission. Our threads are harmoniously woven with our sacred Earth and therefore her food, energy systems, sounds and medicine are designed for our pure health, love, vitality and wellbeing. Journey back to when we lived as hunter gatherers in perfect unison with life cycles and rhythms – our story is an Earth story – we are one. By plugging back in, together we rise in grace, love and harmony. Discover how some of our local NZ native plants can assist us in every day living through elixirs and products. Bring a cup to try some delicious native elixir as we enter into another realm together



Your Elemental Being : Ritual of Remembering

Somatic Storyteller Stephanie Sacred, will take you on a journey of sound and embodiment.  A Guided Remembering Earth Being at this transformational time through storytelling and medicine songs.

Humans have sung songs and told stories to each other from the beginning of time. When we do this we open up to our physicality in community, it feels great and awakens our spirit.

Here we gather in community to open to our somatic intuitive being.  Stephanie will share a story with you, guiding you to reclaim your essential being, nourished by the earth, the sun and the stars, your voice and your powerful loving heart.




Shake, Dance, Ascend

Movement session that can range from 75min to 120min. Are you ready to take your nervous system hygiene to the next level? In this session I share something truly incredible with all of you—Shaking Medicine or as I enjoy calling it, Sacred Shaking! If you're someone who's passionate about maintaining a healthy and regulated nervous system, then you're in for a treat. Sacred Shaking is an innovative practice that can transform your own views and beliefs about your own mind and body, helping you tap into your natural healing potential.




Sex Magick

A powerful spiritual practice and a amazing tool to transform reality and manifest dreams! This workshop is an intro to the art of manifestation by channelling life force. It is a personal journey including individual, paired and group practices. There is no nudity, no genitality and no physical interaction in this container.



Drawing In Your Spirit - Exploring the Self through Art

Drawing In Your Spirit is a multi-dimensional creative workshop based primarily on the visual arts. We will be using several directives to help us unlock deeper aspects of ourselves, to get to explore and love who we are as drops of the cosmos, as Spirit (that immaterial part of us that connects purely with the Universe) in human form. We then get to access more of our medicine, to be used to serve and support the human, animal, and elemental collectives.



Pou Flow

Embark on an immersive journey of the senses as we reconnect. Uplifting and grounding, like the Pou that extends towards the heavens while firmly rooted in the earth. In this unique workshop, we invite you to rediscover your deep, innate connection to the natural world and the vast universe through the powerful expressions of Indigenous movement and sound. Guided By Māori Movement Artist Jade Whaanga AKA Pounamu and Indo-Kiwi Sound Artist Zayn Jeet AKA DJ FlowState.

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