Kimberley Jade is a Kinesiologist, Coach, Sound Therapist and DJ.

Kimberley spent 7 years in Sydney, Australia training at the Australasian College of Kinesiology Mastery with a Diploma of Kinesiology. 

Having experienced different forms of healing, Kimberley found Kinesiology to be especially powerful and wondered at the amazing results gained from Muscle Testing. She has run clinics in Sydney, Great Barrier Island and now in Auckland.

Kimberley’s passion is Ecstatic Dance, sound, music and DJing.  She has 18 years experience as a DJ and runs various unique workshops and events - such as Meridian Energy Dance, Dancing in your Elements, Emotional Freedom & Free Dance, Plants and Dance, Embodied Dance of Awakening and Sacred Sound Chakra Activations. She performs at Ecstatic Dances, live DJ acts and music Festivals in NZ and internationally, doing both Kinesiology, Dance and both passions infused!


Using Kinesiology, Muscle Testing, Sound and Music as a tool, Kimberley provides support in all areas of life - She fuses sound, such as tuning forks and singing bowls, into her Kinesiology sessions with the benefits of pain relief, new perspectives, improved performance, balance in life and ultimate wellness!

Kimberley is a member of the Kinesiology Practitioners Accreditation Board (KPAB) NZ. 

Mixes & Meditations

Ecstatic Dance

Dance to Kimba Jade's Ecstatic Dance mixes!

Dance Meditations

Various Wave Dance, Yoga and Breath Meditations!

Live DJ Performances

Kimba DJing at Festivals and Parties worldwide!

"Kimberley is intuitive and a master of her craft.  She gets to the root of any problem and helps heal in a positive and caring way.  Setting you up for a strong foundation for the future."

Alexis Hannagan (Sydney)

Get In Touch

Clinic Based in Auckland, NZ and available via Skype

kimberley@jadeenergies.com - Tel/WhatsApp: +64 22 013 9610



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