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Kimberley Jade Rose

Kinesiology & Lightwork
Sentaura Cosmic Ascension Energy 
Animal Communication
DJ Ecstatic Dance

About Me


About My Work 


Coming from a past of drug abuse, addiction, and burn out from an intensely busy lifestyle, Kinesiology, Pleaidian Lightwork and Sentaura Cosmic Ascension Energy Healing assisted me to reach through the dark and gave me the strength to restart and come back to my true self.


All these experiences and more, make me the unique healer I am today so I can be the guide that heals others and empowers them to live the life they long for. 


My Guiding and Coaching Packages 


Using these powerful techniques or modalities, my highly honed intuition, and experiences from life, I create a unique experience for your personal journey from trauma to healing. Nothing I do is cookie cutter. 


After working with me you will have a keen sense of your power and see the truth of who you really are. This awareness allows you to take the powerful and even risky actions needed for you to lead, whether it be leading your own life to greatness or others as well. 

My Single or 12 Package Sessions 


Using Kinesiology, Muscle Testing, my Guides, the Pleaidian Emissaries of Light, the Seraphim, Sentuara and Sound as a tool, I provide support in all areas of life - whether it is to: 

  • reduce pain, 

  • shift blocks, 

  • step over obstacles, 

  • clear limiting belief systems, 

  • improve performance, 

  • create balance in life and 

  • move toward a positive new future.


I am here for you.

About Me 


I am a Kinesiologist, Pleaidian Lightworker, Sentaura Practitioner, Ecstatic Dance DJ, Animal Communicator and Psychic Medium. 


My commitment is to be a guide for the new earth to emerge and fulfill on the leadership role I was born to have.


I have been running a healing clinic for over a decade.  Having had clinics in Sydney, Great Barrier Island and now in Auckland, with the majority of my clients now virtually via zoom. This gave me the freedom to live my dream in 2018 & 2019 by touring Europe and the USA - DJing Ecstatic Dance events & Festivals.


Testimonial - Tracey Gubb 2021

"It was a year ago when I sent Kimberley a message asking if she was still doing her Kinesiology as I’d read it could help with suppressed & repressed feelings. I was looking to shed all my heaviness & to start to travel this world lighter. Little did I know I would be completely cracked open to start living the BEST version of myself. I literally feel like through Kimberley’s work I am living a completely different life to the first 35 years as that unloved, unworthy little girl & that is now all been released & let go. I now have a true place of belonging on this earth I have an understand of ME & who I am, what I deserve & a true connection to my soul & my souls purpose in this lifetime. Kimberley has been the most amazing mentor through my journey of self discovery & Im forever grateful."


Mixes & Meditations

Ecstatic Dance

Dance to Kimba Jade's Ecstatic Dance mixes!

Dance Meditations

Various Wave Dance, Yoga and Breath Meditations!

Live DJ Performances

Kimba DJing at Festivals and Parties worldwide!

"Kimberley is intuitive and a master of her craft.  She gets to the root of any problem and helps heal in a positive and caring way.  Setting you up for a strong foundation for the future."

Alexis Hannagan (Sydney)


Get In Touch

Clinic Based in Auckland, NZ

Upper Orewa Road, Wainui, RD2 Silverdale

also with clients via Zoom - Tel/WhatsApp: +64 22 013 9610


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