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Kimberley Jade Rose

Kinesiology &
DJ Ecstatic Dance,
DJ Training

About Me


I use the multi-dimensional frequency of Sentaura™ and Kinesiology as tools to facilitate healing and transformation for my clients.

I have been running a healing clinic for over a decade.  Having had clinics in Sydney, Great Barrier Island and now in Auckland, seeing clients both in person and online via zoom.  

I am here to help you shift your energy, assisting you to step into your power by clearing blockages and self sabotaging belief systems so you may release fear, pain and trauma.


I weave my love of music into my work teaching DJ training, facilitating Ecstatic Dance and letting the frequency of music fill the hearts of those I work with.

My work helps you reconnect back to the love and the joy within enabling you to create new, more positive beliefs.

Using Kinesiology, Muscle Testing, my Guides, Cosmic Beings of Light, the Seraphim and Sentaura, I provide support in all areas of life - whether it is to: 

  • reduce pain 

  • shift blocks 

  • step over obstacles

  • clear limiting belief systems

  • improve performance

  • create balance in life

  • move toward a positive new future.

Kinesiology & Sentaura™ Energy Healing

Kinesiology is a simple non-invasive system of bringing about balance in all areas of your life, structurally, biochemically and emotionally.

Sentaura works alongside the Seraphim Diamond Light and Crystal Light Body Technology as an advanced and multi-dimensional energy healing to pin point specific parts of your body & energy for healing, enhancement and activation.

Ecstatic Dance Live Events

Ecstatic Dance is a DJed Wave Dance with a peak soundsystem. It starts slow & melodic, builds to an ecstatic peak and comes back down to stillness. This is therapeutic for the body, releases blockages and allows you to go through a healing process.

Alchemic Dance Floor - Ecstatic Dance. Every 2 weeks in Auckland on the quarter moon.

DJ Training

Have you ever dreamt of DJing?  Of being in front of a crowd and feeling the euphoria of performing? Do you want to be an Ecstatic Dance DJ?    

DJ Ecstatic Dance - Facilitator Training is a 5 day training with the intention for you to walk away having the skills to DJ your own Ecstatic Dance!

Next Training: 11 - 15 January 2023

One-On-One DJ Training available


Upcoming Events

  • Alchemic Dance Floor - Ecstatic Dance Vinyl with DJ Kimba Jade
    09 Jun, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
    Orewa Estuary Arts Centre, 214 Hibiscus Coast Highway, Orewa 0931, New Zealand
    Alchemic = Involving a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination!

DJ Kimba Jade's Mixes

Ecstatic Dance

Dance to Kimba Jade's Ecstatic Dance mixes!

Live DJ Performances

Kimba DJing at Festivals and Parties worldwide!

"Kimberley is intuitive and a master of her craft.  She gets to the root of any problem and helps heal in a positive and caring way.  Setting you up for a strong foundation for the future."

Alexis Hannagan (Sydney)

Get In Touch

Clinic Based in Mahurangi West, Auckland

I also see clients worldwide via Zoom


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