Kimberley Rose

Kinesiology & Pleaidian Lightwork Ecstatic Dance & Sound Therapy


Kimberley Rose is a Kinesiologist, Pleaidian Lightworker and Ecstatic Dance DJ. Her passion’s are assisting others to be the best version of themselves, dance and music.


Kimberley has been running a healing clinic for over a decade, seeing clients at her home base on Great Barrier Island, NZ, with the majority of her clients now via zoom. This gave her the freedom to live her dreams in 2018 & 2019 by touring Europe and the USA - DJing Ecstatic Dance events.


Kimberley experiences life, learns and then heals others using her real life experiences. Kimberley is powerful, gifted, in touch with herself and the needs of her clients. A born leader.


Using Kinesiology, Muscle Testing, her guides, the Pleaidians and Sound as a tool, Kimberley provides support in all areas of life - whether it is to reduce pain, shift blocks, clear limiting belief systems, improve performance, create balance in life or move toward a positive new future.

Mixes & Meditations

Ecstatic Dance

Dance to Kimba Jade's Ecstatic Dance mixes!

Dance Meditations

Various Wave Dance, Yoga and Breath Meditations!

Live DJ Performances

Kimba DJing at Festivals and Parties worldwide!

"Kimberley is intuitive and a master of her craft.  She gets to the root of any problem and helps heal in a positive and caring way.  Setting you up for a strong foundation for the future."

Alexis Hannagan (Sydney)

Get In Touch

Clinic Based in Auckland, NZ and available via Skype - Tel/WhatsApp: +64 22 013 9610



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