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4 Weeks to go from overwhelm to balance

Starts Monday, 20th June 2022 - 7.00pm

Are you looking for more balance in your life? Are you struggling to cope with 'everything' going on and feel overwhelmed? Do you find it hard to give yourself time and space? Do you have belief systems that hold you back from putting yourself first?

Maybe you just need a moment to breathe!

I hear you! And I've put together and amazing program that will change your life and give you the tools and motivation to live your life more balanced and full-filled with passion and happiness!

4 Weeks to create the Space in your mind, body and soul for YOU and expand your life and business. Let's:

  • Put yourself first and follow your energy

  • Create space in your day for you

  • Listen to your body and act accordingly

  • Manage a daily practice

  • Invest in yourself and your health

  • Keep your energy clear and vibrant

  • Shift into new positive beliefs

  • Stay centred

  • Be ok with saying No!

  • Follow your cycles

  • and so much more+

You are worthy and deserving of living an amazing life!

Starts Monday 20th June and every Monday for 4 weeks. 7pm - 8.30pm via zoom (replays will be available)

Here’s a snapshot of what will be covered:

✨Week 1: Balancing Relationships: Your yes and your no. Define who you are! Stop giving your energy away. Put yourself first. Clear your energy field. Keep yourself centred.

✨Week 2: Balancing the Physical Body: Health and Diet, Sleep, Nervous System. Create more Space in the body and heal your digestive system. Give yourself permission to listen to your body.

Untitled design.jpg

✨Week 3: Balancing Daily Practices: Meditation, Movement, Nature, Music. Calm yourself when you go into overwhelm. Know your cycles. Organise your day efficiently and manage your time.


✨Week 4: Balancing the Energetic Body: Sentaura Energy Healing, Recalibrating your frequency. Expanding your cells with light to bring in more so you can hold more space for yourself and others. Keep your energy field clear.Let's Expand your life and business to be able to hold more SPACE.If you want to find out more, book a discovery call with me or message me and I’ll send you more details. ​

​What’s included:

 ✨90 min zoom session each week

 ✨30 min private 1on1 mapping session with me to check what needs re-balancing and realigning

 ✨Support in a private facebook group with like-minded souls all wanting to create more space and balance

 ✨Healing and re-balancing meditation

 ✨Transformational Kinesiology resources and tools to balance your body, meridians and emotions

Energy Exchange:
Pay in Full: $599

Payment Plan: Deposit $100, Followed by 4 payments of $137.50, TOTAL $650

About Kimberley Jade Rose:

I use the multi-dimensional frequency of Sentaura™ and Kinesiology as tools to facilitate healing and transformation for my clients.

I have been running a healing clinic for over a decade. Having had clinics in Sydney, Great Barrier Island and now in Auckland, seeing clients both in person and online via zoom.

I am here to help you shift your energy, assisting you to step into your power by clearing blockages and self sabotaging belief systems so you may release fear, pain and trauma.

I weave my love of music into my work teaching DJ training, facilitating Ecstatic Dance and letting the frequency of music fill the hearts of those I work with.

My work helps you reconnect back to the love and the joy within enabling you to create new, more positive beliefs.

Using Kinesiology, Muscle Testing, my Guides, Cosmic Beings of Light, the Seraphim and Sentaura, I provide support in all areas of life.

"I felt very lost and unbalanced as I was going through a painful break-up and a huge change in my life.  Kimberley is a miracle worker!  She helped me let go of the blocks in my energy and I always felt completely balanced, fulfilled, grounded and content after every session and this feeling continued on.  A five star service!!"

Anna Gail - Sydney

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