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Getting it Right

One of the biggest ways you hold yourself back is by your habit of seeing yourself as being wrong. What if your procrastination is simply waiting for supportive energy to create from? What if your sudden time off work is designed to give you time to focus on your spiritual growth? What if your breakup happened to make room for the greatest love of your life to occur? What if you were late this morning because had you been on time you would have been in an accident?

Your highest self along with your guides and helpers – all work together to give you the exact conditions you require to grow, expand, and evolve. All your self-judgment does is create resistance and discomfort within conditions that are designed to serve you. Trust. Accept. Work willingly with whatever the energies are supporting. And know that there is divine perfection in all of it.

When you are making decisions, ask yourself – what if I couldn’t get it wrong? What would I do? Humans put too much influence on getting it right. Who says whether it is right or wrong? Choose freely. Trust in your decisions. Trust in yourself. Follow your heart.

With love

Kimberley Jade xx

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