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Be Kind to Yourself

“Treating yourself with Kindness and Care should always come first. Once you can do this without reservation that ability will automatically transfer from within to those around you”.

What does it mean to be kind to yourself? I often say to my clients after their Kinesiology session – be kind to yourself. For some people this is easier said than done. I wanted to explain what I mean with some tips:

You know the saying, “we are our own worse critics” this is implying that no one can treat us worse than we treat ourselves. Correct right? So why do we do this? It has something to do with the Ego. The ego is all about survival and protection and it keeps us the way we are. So if you are the first one to beat yourself up, then you are protecting yourself from other people doing it to you, and then therefore, being hurt. So we have gotten into the human habit of treating ourselves worse than other people would treat us.

We wouldn’t talk to our Best Friend the way we talk to ourselves would we? In that statement lays the key. We are to be our own best friend and being our own best friend means that we are not to talk to ourselves harshly. We do not call ourselves stupid, silly, idiot, a disappointment or worse… I’m sure you could think of many names that you have called yourself on a terribly regular basis. OK so STOP. Start being your own best friend, which means treating yourself with respect and kindness. Catch yourself out when you call yourself a name or start to beat yourself up because of an action you took or even an action you didn’t take. Trust in your decisions, there is always a lesson to be learnt if you felt like you made the wrong choice. Apologise to yourself and replace it with… I love you. Even give yourself one of those hugs where you wrap your arms around yourself.

Another way to be your own best friend is to enjoy your own company. Go for a picnic. Tell yourself how proud you are. Tell yourself you are AWESOME. Look at yourself in the mirror and say how beautiful you are. How sexy your body is. Blow a kiss. Reward yourself with a healthy treat such as a nice dinner, a facial, a nice smelling moisturiser or perfume. This is what it means to be KIND to you. The first person you can really care about is yourself because as said above, once you can do this, the ability will automatically transfer from within to those around you. Isn’t this what you want for your kids? For them to know how fantastic and lovable they really are so they treat themselves with respect?

It is time to drop that old ego way of being! A useful tip to tone down your ego is to say: “I ask that my ego comes into alignment with my light and true self”. Please enjoy being you.

Need assistance with your self talk? Kinesiology can help clear any belief systems you may have around being good enough or lovable. Phone: 022 013 9610 to book an appointment.

With Love

Kimberley Jade xx

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