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All We Need is Love

We perceive Love to come to us at various times, on various levels and in various different forms. Love is our purpose for being here - what does everyone on this planet want in their life? Love. It is universal. You may have noticed that everyone on the web seems to be talking about Love and about how Love is the way forward to help us move out of the chaos stage the planet and humans are going through and into a healthier and happier way of being on a personal and planetary level. So just what does this mean?

The Beatles knew it all those years ago when they put out their well-known track ‘All you need is Love’. We need to start with loving ourselves. This is the priority. By loving ourselves we can then love others. Love Mother Earth and Father Sky. They are our creators and we are their divine child. If you have a problem with someone or feel angry, send them love. If you are angry at yourself or beating yourself up – send yourself love.

Say over and over…. I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you… this will stop that negative thought in it’s tracks and before you even realise it, you are back to being positive. It switches on our life energy. Not only say it… FEEL it. This is the important part here. Our thoughts give energy to our emotions but our feelings come from the heart. So how does that love make you FEEL?

Mirror exercises are fantastic. Sing in the mirror to yourself. A good one to do is to look yourself in the eyes, clasp your hands together in the prayer position and bow to yourself. Then sing into your eyes “You are my beloved, I open my Heart to you” and look at yourself in the eyes for a good 30 seconds. Then bow to yourself again with your hands in prayer position. This connects you straight to your spirit and to your true self.

It is time for us to open our hearts and feel the connection that we have with all living creatures on the planet. Loving each-other, feeling profoundly connected to each-other will give us a greater sense of responsibility for one-another.

We are all interconnected in this web of life.

If you feel you have blocks around loving yourself and others, Kinesiology & Coaching can clear your way. Please phone 022 013 9610 to make an appointment.

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