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The Stages of Ecstatic Dance

The Stages of Ecstatic Dance




Are you running your own WAVE dances and are not completely sure of the 7 Stages of Ecstatic Dance?


I am all about keeping the authenticity of Ecstatic Dance and training as many people as possible about the WAVE and how it works to ignite the metaphors and emotions of: Exploration, Playfulness, Spaciousness, Possibility, Nostalgia, Explosiveness, Joy (just to name a few, you will learn more!)


Join me on this 2 hour workshop on making an Ecstatic Dance. Whether you are already running dances, want to run dances or just want to organise your music ... this information is for you!


We will cover:

The 7 stages of an Ecstatic Dance

Beats that go with each stage



Beats per Minute

Organising your music

Opening and Closing Space

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