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Dealing with Change

As the saying goes “Change is the only sure thing in Life”. One thing that I specialise in is dealing with change. Change can be very emotional for a lot of people, and many would prefer to stay the same rather than change. The pain to change is just too much so it might be subconsciously easier to stay in the unhealthy relationship, job, addiction and way of being. Your belief systems are somewhat leaving you tied to your old ways.

So what can you do about it? How do you be the catalyst of change? The pain of staying the same needs to be MORE than the pain of changing. Lets switch that belief system.

Change is important in our lives. Being able to adapt adequately, to move with the flow of life. Being aligned with your path sometimes takes some big choices and decisions. These are tips to dealing with changes you recognise need to be made:

  1. Ask yourself the question: if I were to change, what would it mean? What would it involve?

  2. Now ask (and write it down): what is the pain if I stay as I am now? What is the pain involved in changing?

  3. Ask: what pleasure do I gain from not changing? What is the pleasure from change?

  4. If your pain to change is more or the pleasure from not changing is more, then you have limiting belief systems holding you back

  5. What would it mean for you to choose to change?

  6. Now with this awareness - CHOOSE to change. Do it now! Change is a choice.

  7. Visualise yourself already having gone through the change and at your desired outcome. How do you want it to be?

  8. While you are visualising, put one hand on your forehead and one hand at the back of your head. This brings the energy to the front of the brain, which is where you create. Bring in as much sensory input as possible i.e. what are you doing? What are you wearing? How are you feeling? Who are you with? Like it’s already happened!

Everything is a choice, we are choosing in every minute of every day. By asking yourself the above questions, you can gain an awareness of what is holding you back and move towards what you need to do to shift.

If this seems too hard, chunk it back and break it down into bit sized manageable pieces. Change can seem overwhelming if there is much to do – so by ‘breaking it down’ just one day at a time, helps immensely. Even a small step is change.

You are beautiful. Be confident in who you are and know that you deserve the very best that love and life have to offer. You can do it! It’s time to let go and be everything you can be.

Need assistance? I can help - Kimberley Jade 022 013 9610.

With Love

Kimberley Jade xx

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