What is Sentaura Cosmic Ascension Energy Healing?

I am presently studying and have completed my Sentaura Practitioner Level 1. I am very excited about this modality, as it has changed my life drastically. The way I handle life, the way I act, the belief systems and trauma that have shifted from my body. 


Sentuara is one of the most powerful modalities I have ever encountered, so I course, I need to use it for my clients!

Sentaura is a multi-dimensional ancient creator frequency and a stream of pure source and higher consciousness here to educate, assist with the awakening, activation, healing, ascension and evolution of humanity and our Earth during the Golden Age of Gaia and the Age of Aquarius.


Sentaura works alongside the Seraphim Diamond Light (Crystalline and Golden Light) and Crystal Light Body Technology as an advanced and multi-dimensional energy healing system to pin point specific parts of your body for healing, enhancement and activation.


Sentaura works in co-creation with Mother Gaia, elementals, Keepers of the Earth and other Cosmic Beings and Councils of Light to help restore balance and harmony to humanity and our planet for the highest good.

What is a session like?

You will feel Sentaura as a warm golden energy stream into your body. I will be guided by Sentaura during the whole session and I will speak light language, move my hands above the body or place my hands on the body, I will also sometimes move around the body (if in person).

You can receive a Sentuara Cosmic Ascension Healing session face to face or via Zoom. This literally makes no difference at all.

A session lasts for 60 minutes and the investment for the session is $230.