Psychic Mediumship

Do you want to talk to a loved one that has passed? I can tune in and assist you and assist earth bound spirits to cross over.

Sometimes Spirits just come to me with messages to give, during the session.

Ever since I was a kid, I could see spirits. I would see them on the end of my bed. I found it scary and I would hide under the blankets until I felt they were gone.

After going through a huge process of coming to terms with my gifts and accepting me. I have come to terms with what I see and embrace my gift!

Spirits come to me when I am working on a client, particularly when they say they are grieving a lost one. 

I am also part of a mediumship circle and train in physic development and opening people to their gifts.

A mediumship session lasts for 60 minutes and the investment for the session is $200.