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Each week I will email you a transmission from Nature through me with activating Earth & Light Codes through using Earth Language and the Elementals.


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Nature wants to heal us and has incredible power, it has the power to transmute, clear, shift and cleanse unwanted energy and the old.

To make way for the new upgrades that will come through in cosmic codes and Sentuara energy and guides of the highest frequency of light.

Merging these two powerful energies, means that you will rise above and leave behind the old way of being and as nature is assisting us, we are assisting the earth to transcend.

In particular, these earth and cosmic codes will unlock and activate dormant gifts and bring about a great sense of remembering of who you are and what you are on this earth to do!

This allows you to be on track to where you are meant to be in this current timeline.

We are all unique and we all have a unique blueprint of what we are here to do.  When you are living your purpose and passion, your life changes and you feel purposeful, happy and in love with your life. When you are living your dream life, it is paradise.

Earth Language and Cosmic Codes will unleash your core abilities and enable you to step into your future, knowing who you are.

A powerful sovereign being.

 🔥  I am a gift opener

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