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Mastering your Soul Light Language

Mastering your Soul Light Language


Do you feel the calling to use your voice to heal?

Light language has changed my life.


When I started on my Sentaura Healing journey over 3 years ago, I didn’t speak light language. I knew that sound was a powerful healer, I was using singing bowls and tuning forks in my Kinesiology and Sound Healing sessions - however I knew there was more. Sentaura Healing activated this within me. It awakened my gift and now it flows so freely through me on an everyday basis, to not only heal my clients but to heal myself. Sound is the most powerful healing tool we have and actually our voice is incredibly powerful, when used with the correct intent.
With light language, you don’t have to know what you are saying, your soul knows. We have our own innate healing wisdom within us. Our higher self knows what we need, so all we need to do is channel it from our higher self and our team of guides. This is your soul calling.


In this powerful 2 hour training - you will learn:

 - How to Channel Sound through your Higher Self
 - Taking Care of your Energy
 - Clearing the Throat Chakra
 - Beginning to Speak
 - Tuning into the Highest Frequency of Love and Light
 - Mastering your Language
 - Setting Standards for Yourself
 - Where does your Light Language come from?

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