DJ Kimba Jade (Ecstatic Dance Auckland) is hosting one more Ecstatic Dance before leaving New Zealand and would love to dance, move, shake, groove and play with you!


Beginning with a unique Meridian Energy Balance to warm-up and raise your energy through the 5 Elements Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. Followed by free dance dance dance DJed journey for your freedom, your uniqueness, your soul.


“When we dance together we celebrate Gratitude and Connection”


Ecstatic Dance is all about enjoying conscious movement, great exercise, freeing your mind, savouring your body, and connecting with yourself and/or other dancers. ✨


If you want to MOVE & DANCE, this is the place for you. The fearlessness with which you can be yourself gives you permission and courage to dance your pain, excitement, fears and dreams, anger and joy.


19:00 Doors open

19:15 Opening Circle

19:30 Meridian Energy Balance / Warm-up

20:00 Ecstatic Dance

21:30 Sound Journey

21:45 Closing Circle


/// We start on TIME ///



$25 online ticket sales ONLY. This is because of a limited number being able to fit in the room! This will sell out so get your ticket here:


What to Bring:

1. Loose-fitting clothes that let you move your body and free yourself


2. A friend! Nothing better than letting loose in good company.


Ecstatic Dance is a Drug & Alcohol Free Space.

- Please, no talking on the dance floor

- No phones/ cameras are allowed

- Respect the Space (which includes no Shoes, Booze, Phones, Perfumes, and each other's Space)


About DJ Kimba Jade:

Kimba Jade is a DJ and Kinesiologist. Her passion is music, exploring sound, its healing benefits and ecstatic dance! Kimba has been spinning tunes for the past 18 years and runs Ecstatic Dance Auckland, DJ Training and her own conscious movement and ecstatic dance events, taking people on a journey via music that stimulates the heart. Her sets infuse oriental, tribal and ethnic tunes with her love of deep tech and house. Kimba is an international performer and her passion to run kinesiology energy methods infused with dance workshops has seen her at festivals and ecstatic dance events in NZ, Australia, Europe and the USA.


Meanwhile some music >>>


Listen to Kimba’s Ecstatic Dance mixes:




Ecstatic Dance Auckland - Fri, 26 Apr 19


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