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DJ Ecstatic Dance Facilitator Training - Full Payment

DJ Ecstatic Dance Facilitator Training - Full Payment


Have you ever dreamt of DJing? 🎵 Of being in front of a crowd and feeling the euphoria of performing? 🎵 Do you want to be an Ecstatic Dance DJ and take people on a journey with your music and vibe? 🎵
💃🏽 🕺🏽
The DJ Ecstatic Dance Facilitator Training is a 5 day retreat with the intention for you to walk away having the skills to facilitate and DJ your own Ecstatic Dance! 💜
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Make your dream come true in the new year of 2023, get inspired and start here! 
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This Training includes:

🎵 Finding the right music
🎵 Creating effective playlists
🎵 Holding space
🎵 Crafting an Ecstatic Dance journey
🎵 Beatmatching
🎵 Using Vinyl and Turntables
🎵 Using Serato DJ software
🎵 Using Serato DJ controller
🎵 Harmonic mixing
🎵 DJ skills and techniques
🎵 Creating a DJ Profile
🎵 Creating an Ecstatic Dance
💃🏽 🕺🏽
Includes 3 nutritious vegetarian meals a day prepared lovingly to support your body, mind and spirit on this training, using the best of local ingredients and fresh produce. 💜
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DJ Kimba Jade (Auckland) is an experienced Ecstatic Dance DJ who has an extensive range of DJ skills! Kimba Jade has run Ecstatic Dance Auckland for 7 years. 
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Aongatete Outdoor Education Centre is surrounded by bush in the Kaimai Forest park on DOC land. With accommodation onsite, this location is beautiful and perfect to crank the music!

📍 45 min from Tauranga
📍 2.5 hours from Auckland
📍 7 hours from Wellington



Kimba is a DJ, Kinesiologist & Sentaura Light Worker. Passionate about music, exploring sound, its healing benefits and Ecstatic Dance. She has been spinning tunes for the past 21 years. 


Coming from 10 years DJing Techno professionally in Bars and Clubs in Auckland & Sydney, she now prefers to take people on a conscious dance journey via melodic music that moves both bodies and hearts. 🎵👯


Kimba has been running Ecstatic Dance for the past 7 years and LOVES the journey, start to finish. She has run and taught x9 DJ Trainings in the last few years (over 40 students) and her passion is to teach. 


"My vibronic alchemical sets explore many genres and infuse oriental, tribal and ethnic tunes with my love of all things deep and bass-heavy." 🎵


Kimba's passion to DJ and facilitate energy infused dance workshops has seen her at Festivals and Ecstatic Dance events in NZ, Australia, Europe and the USA. 🎵👯

Kimba is part of the team 'Alchemic Dance-Floor', which she created and expanded to run Ecstatic Dance every 2 weeks in the Northern Auckland area.

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🌺 Deanna Elizabeth (NZ):

The DJ Ecstatic Dance Facilitator Training provides a safe, spiritual, creative space to develop your DJ skills and identity. As a group, we were gifted with the resources and training to run our own Ecstatic Dances, while bonding deeply as a whanau. Kimberley holds space with grace, power and expertise.


🌺 Kayliah Mckinnon (NZ):

My DJ Ecstatic Dance Facilitator Training with Kimberley Jade was an amazing and enriching experience. Kimberley held such inspiring heart centred feminine lead space. If you’ve ever dreamed of DJing or creating Ecstatic Dances, I highly recommend immersing yourself in one of Kimberley’s courses….she teaches not only the technical side of the DJing but speaks so much to the heart, creativity and emotion of Ecstatic Dance. It’s been a few months since my course and I am already creating Ecstatic Dances in my area.


🌺 Leah Luna (Germany):

Kimberley's training was the gateway to a meaningful journey for me! The way she facilitated gave me heaps of confidence and assurance as a DJ - and made me absolutely go for it! The atmosphere was absolutely beautiful and the connection between everyone felt even family like. I am deeply grateful that I attended and would definitely recommend it!


🌺 John Munro (NZ):

DJ Ecstatic Dance Facilitator Training with Kimba was a hands on fun experience. Not just how to DJ, but also experiencing the process of participating in and leading Ecstatic Dance. Would definitely recommend to anyone getting started in DJing or Ecstatic Dance.


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