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Be in Charge, not in Control – 4 week webinar series


It has been arriving in my consciousness more and more over these last few months the importance of letting go of control. This doesn’t mean walking around naked and letting go of everything you own, there needs to be a healthy balance, letting go of control while maintaining an ‘in charge’ attitude, where you can BE FREE and be who you are. What you desire, want and need in your life then arrives and opportunities come streaming your way!


Being a Kinesiologist and seeing many clients over the past year with health issues that when uncovered via muscle testing and coaching, turned out to be a form of self control and ego. Control manifests its way into the very act of many peoples being, otherwise known as ego. Yes what a big word! If this is resonating with you – my 4 week webinar series could seriously assist you to have the awareness you need to break the chains and live the life you truly desire and DESERVE!!


What I will cover in this series:


Week 1: Control is a figment of your imagination = Ego

Week 2: Taking Charge vs Letting Go

Week 3: Antidote for Control = Acceptance

Week 4: Preparing vs Planning


What this webinar series can assist with:

• Acceptance and transformation

• Letting go of attachments

• Forgiveness

• Feeling safe and at one with your emotions

• Genuinely being out of your control and yet not out of control

• Letting go of expectations of what happy feels like

• Being Free to choose


Added extras

• Kinesiology tools and tapping points to assist you to let go of old limiting belief systems.

• PDF of slides and unique simple diagrams to assist you afterwards

• Complimentary half hour follow-up one on one skype session & Kinesiology belief system clearing

• 10% off a x5 week Kinesiology Skype call package $540 (valued at $600)


Investment - $100 for recordings (video or audio) of all 4 weeks. Once purchased I will email you the links for all 4 weeks.


“You cannot control your life but you can be in charge of yourself”

Be in Charge, not in Control - 4 week package


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