What is Pleaidian Lightwork?

Pleaidian Lightwork is an energetic modality where you are placed on an etheric screen and I am able to see where there are blockages in your aura, chakras, body, pain body and hologram, with assistance from the Pleaidian Emissaries of Light.


This can include past life's, beliefs, entities, cords, pain, black magic, shock, astral parasites, tears, frays and psychic whacks.


Particularly useful for those of you who are currently in or have a past with any type of abuse, addiction or narcissistic behaviour. It could be in this life or past! Using a variety of energetic tools, along with the Pleaidian Emissaries of Light to clear all that is not serving you.

I know that it has helped me dramatically in my life. Coming from an addiction background, there were many things 'left in my field' that were influencing my behaviour and beliefs.

Who are the Pleaidians Emissaries of Light?
The Pleaidian Emissaries of Light are Energetic Light Beings that are here to help us toward our higher spiritual destiny. These Special Pleiadian Forces reside at a very high frequency that is lighter than what we know.

What is a session like?
You can receive a Pleaidian Lightwork session face to face or via Zoom. This literally makes no difference at all because this is not a hands on modality, i.e. I will not need to touch you.

A Pleaidian Lightwork session lasts for 60 minutes and the investment for the session is $250.