Meridian Energy Dance

New Zealand

"Big shout-out and thanks to Kimberley Jade for yesterday evening's Meridian Energy Dance. Definitely would recommend anyone to give this a try, whether in NZ when this beautiful woman comes back in September or in Europe until then.  This was so powerful. Understanding how meridian pathways function and working with movement at a double level through both feelings and intellect is the ultimate way to go for a mine like mind, body and heart.  What an intense reminder that everything eventually will pass by, leaving engraved in you only the lessons that shall serve your growth, if you're willing to listen...


Anais Pinnell (Auckland)

Emotional Freedom & Free Dance

"Kimberley, I just wanted to say thank you for the on going work that transpired from the healing dance night you gave us.


I was very devastated due to the ending of a beautiful relationship. I could have lost him, however, your work really helped and I am back with someone I dearly love.


Your work is deeply life changing.

 Thank You on so many levels."

Katherine (Auckland, NZ)