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23 - 25 June 2023
Stanmore Bay, Auckland

LEVEL 2 (Advanced) - DJ TRAINING has been birthed out of popular demand for a 2nd training for those of you who have completed Level 1 - DJ Ecstatic Dance Facilitator Training OR for those who have already got skills in DJing and / or facilitating and want to expand.


The intention for you to improve on and expand your skills you have learnt already and walk away having more skills to DJ at an Advanced Level


Training looks like this:


Day One (Friday)


🎵 Beatmatching using Vinyl

🎵 Mixing 2 Vinyls together

🎵 How to mix different genres

🎵 Mixing by ear

🎵 Using your headphones

🎵 Practice


Day Two (Saturday)


🎵 Using Serato and Rekordbox

🎵 Mixing different BPM’s without using sync

🎵 Advanced Beatmatching

🎵 Advanced mixing using EQ’s

🎵 Looping (adding vocals)

🎵 Adding tracks to a USB using Rekordbox to play on CDJs

🎵 Advanced Harmonic Mixing

🎵 Practice


Day Three (Sunday)


🎵 Putting together a set

🎵 Setting up your DJ Profile

🎵 Using Social Media

🎵 Practice


If you are coming from out of Auckland or live far away in Auckland - getting accommodation at Orewa Beach Backpackers (Pillows Lodge) is recommended. You will need to stay 2 nights and the cost of accommodation starts at $35 per night and is 15 minutes from Stanmore Bay.


You will need to bring your own food and kitchen facilities are in the hall.


On this training, Kimba Jade also brings in all of her healing and holding space experience. Using Kinesiology & Sentaura Healing to help shift blockages, running a Meridian Energy Dance and Healing each morning and bringing in the highest frequency of love and light for the highest greatest good of all students.


DJ Kimba Jade (Auckland) is an experienced Ecstatic Dance DJ who has an extensive range of DJ skills! Kimba Jade has run Ecstatic Dance Auckland for 7 years and now runs Alchemic Dance Floor - Ecstatic Dance in Orewa, every 2 weeks and DJs at all the Festivals and Parties over the summer.


$200 non-refundable deposit required to confirm your space (limited spots available)


Payment plans are available (please request)



Kimba is a DJ, Kinesiologist & Sentaura Light Worker. Passionate about music, exploring sound, its healing benefits and Ecstatic Dance. She has been spinning tunes for the past 21 years.

Coming from 10 years DJing Techno professionally in Bars and Clubs in Auckland & Sydney, she now prefers to take people on a conscious dance journey via melodic music that moves both bodies and hearts. 


Kimba has been running Ecstatic Dance for the past 7 years and LOVES the journey, start to finish. She has run and taught x10 DJ Trainings in the last few years (over 40 students) and her passion is to teach.


"My vibronic alchemical sets explore many genres and infuse oriental, tribal and ethnic tunes with my love of all things deep and bass-heavy." 


Kimba's passion to DJ and facilitate energy infused dance workshops has seen her at Festivals and Ecstatic Dance events in NZ, Australia, Europe and the USA. 


Kimba is part of the team 'Alchemic Dance-Floor', which she created and expanded to run Ecstatic Dance every 2 weeks in the Northern Auckland area.



Kayliah Mckinnon (NZ):

My DJ Ecstatic Dance Facilitator Training with Kimberley Jade was an amazing and enriching experience. Kimberley held such inspiring heart centred feminine lead space. If you’ve ever dreamed of DJing or creating Ecstatic Dances, I highly recommend immersing yourself in one of Kimberley’s courses….she teaches not only the technical side of the DJing but speaks so much to the heart, creativity and emotion of Ecstatic Dance. It’s been a few months since my course and I am already creating Ecstatic Dances in my area.

Isabelle Idelon = DJZa (NZ):

I previously had an amazing training in Ecstatic dance and I already facilitate dances at Kanuka Yoga Space, Hobsonville. I got a DJ but ended up wanting to DJ myself…for that I needed to go further into that part of my learning and….I found Kimba I’m 60 years old and all the computer side: downloading music, playlists on iTunes, dealing with softwares etc….was at first a challenge for me. Kimba was here, patient, allowing me to go at my own pace, reassuring and empowering me, so that very fast I became very at ease and even surprised myself. I did the 1 on 1 course and it was tailored to suit my needs….enough time to digest and practice between 2 sessions. Quickly the magic of mixing conquered me and I can barely explain the joy I feel when DJing…my inner child feels sooo happy Kimberley is present, warm and answering all your questioning, due to her experience she always has the little tip which changes all. I have 1 session left, it will be on zoom or next time she will be around. It’s as easy as that! I highly recommend her training, I feel as excited as confident. Thank you Kimba!


Judith Minnema (NZ):

Kimberley taught me in 5 sessions to be an Ecstatic Dance DJ. I am so grateful for how she held me through my learning process, with knowledge, experience, ease and playfulness. When I DJed my 1st ED event I was excited and confident and able to offer a deep journey for the dancers. So much joy! Thank you Kimberley!


Ebony Beby (Australia):

Since I was a kid I dreamt of being on the stage. I wanted to entertain an audience and make people smile. One day I realised that I really wanted to be a DJ. I had always loved that sort of music and I would always watch them play at clubs, secretly wishing that was me. I told Kimberley about this in a 1:1 session and she told me about how she could teach me all about Ecstatic Dance DJing. I didn’t know much about Ecstatic Dance at the time but now it is a big part of my life. Kimberley has taught me all there is to know from how to facilitate Ecstatic Dance, DJing on your controller and to picking songs that make your butt move. Kimberley has been my biggest cheerleader and has helped me build up my confidence. Kimberley is an awesome teacher who is invested in your success. The best thing for me is having such a passionate, experienced and creative mentor. Each week I look forward to my session and hearing about all of Kimberley’s exciting Ecstatic Dance stories.

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