Growth & Renewal - Through Kinesiology
12 week program


Join Kimberley in a 12-week Kinesiology empowerment journey (12 sessions over 16 weeks) to open and renew your being to grow into who you are craving to be.

Are you at a time in your life where you are ready for a new growth spurt? Are you feeling stuck in your business? Not sure where to go next?

Kimberley’s new program will assist you to birth your brilliance and be a success!

Remove your obstacles for endless possibilities and experience life as limitless

Be who you crave to be and who you know you are!

Equip yourself in the new earth energy and lead the future as a change-maker.

I am going to split open your beliefs and give you the growth spurt you are deeply desiring.

Leveraging your strengths and adding to them we will uplevel your capacity for confidence to take action.

Using your already powerful genius and grace and empower you for even more, you will be creating what you want and how you want it.

Included in the 12-Week Program:

  • x12 Kinesiology / Lightwork – 1 hour sessions specifically designed around ‘Growth’

  • Food and Supplement testing

  • Sabotage & belief system clearing

  • Wealth Consciousness

  • Empowering you to learn how to muscle test for yourself!

  • Unlimited support via voice messages, email or text / whatsapp (48 hours turnaround)

Benefits you will Get:

  • A growth spurt spiritually, emotionally and mentally

  • Transformation

  • Feeling like a new person, getting new results

  • Freedom from your challenges, obstacles and blockages

  • Ability to step into what you want with ease and grace

  • The answers you didn’t know you had!

Investment in your Transformation:

Payment Plans are available! (pay $650 per month for 3 months)

Please send me a message!

You can start at ANYTIME.

I operate according to the moons, I find that using the power and energy of the moon, increases the power of my sessions. My sessions are not cookie cutter and are different every time!

Therefore during the FULL MOON is always a week off to integrate. Powerful. 

 I'm so excited to be mentoring this program for you. I'm a highly trained Kinesiologist, practicing for 13 years and I use Kinesiology & Pleaidian Lightwork to tap into your subconscious, and your body, to shift those obstacles that are in your way.

Work with me on a journey using two of the most powerful modalities I have ever experienced - I learn and teach from experience! 

Kinesiology & Pleaidian Lightwork

Kinesiology uses muscle testing to allow the body to communicate which healing modality needs to take place. Including sabotage clearing and over 200 modes to clear and shift energy! 

Pleaidian Lightwork is an energetic modality where you are placed on an etheric screen and your whole body is able to be viewed to see where there are blockages in your aura, chakras, body, pain body and hologram. With assistance from the Pleaidian Emissaries of Light and Mary Magdalene. 

Changing your beliefs will drastically change how you see the world! Changing your point of view is everything. 

This is what you can count on me for.

I’m going to

  • be a guide for you.

  • help you look at different perspectives, and

  • use the knowledge and energy I have on many different levels to help you create powerful solutions and results!

I want to be the person who guides you. Where we don’t force anything, we allow it to flow. 



Tracey Gubb – July 2021
It was a year ago when I sent Kimberly a message asking if she was still doing her Kinesiology as I’d read it could help with suppressed & repressed feelings. I was looking to shed all my heaviness & to start to travel this world lighter.

Little did I know I would be completely cracked open to start living the BEST version of myself. I literally feel like through Kimberley’s work I am living a completely different life to the first 35 years as that unloved, unworthy little girl & that is now all been released & let go. I now have a true place of belonging on this earth I have an understand of ME & who I am, what I deserve & a true connection to my soul & my souls purpose in this lifetime. Kimberley has been the most amazing mentor through my journey of self discovery & Im forever grateful