Awaken your Gifts & Live your Purpose
16-Week Program

Activate and awaken your gifts and unique self through Kinesiology, Lightwork and Sentuara Cosmic Ascension Energy Healing.

Do you feel like you are living the life that you desire? Are you living your purpose? Or are you not sure of what you actually want to be doing with yourself? 

Are you in a job where you are unsatisfied? Do you ache to step into the role you are craving, but don't know how? If any of this resonates with you, I am here to help!

I assist people who are feeling purposeless, stuck & blocked to ignite their core gifts & unique self, find their purpose so they can live their dream life.

Using Kinesiology & Sentuara Cosmic Ascension Energy Healing, to crack yourself open, renew your cells, upgrade your being with the latest energetic technologies to assist you to step into the new you and grow into who you are craving to be.

Included in the 16-Week Program:

  • Kinesiology & Lightwork

  • Sentuara Cosmic Ascension Energy Healing

  • BioDynamic Breathwork

  • Readings & Channels from Spirit

  • Awakening Cells & Opening Dormant Gifts

  • Trauma Release

  • Sabotage Clearing

  • Goal Setting

  • Nature Healing Transmissions: Earth Language & Cosmic Codes

  • Muscle Testing Diet, Supplements & Lifestyle

  • Self Care Routines

  • Emotional Freedom Technique

A one hour zoom session will typically include:

  • Past Life Clearing

  • Cord clearing from people, situations and places that are no longer serving your highest good

  • Clearing of Contracts and Vows holding you back

  • Belief System Clearing

  • Guidance from Spirit

  • Light Language

  • Upgrades of the highest frequency


You will also receive unlimited support via voice messages, email or text / whatsapp (48 hours turnaround)

Benefits you will Get:

  • Transformation

  • Living your life with passion

  • Feeling like a new person, getting new results

  • Knowing what your purpose is, why you are here

  • Knowing the steps you need to take to live your dream live

  • Freedom from your challenges, obstacles and blockages

  • Ability to step into what you want with ease and grace

Investment in your Transformation:

Payment Plans are available! (pay $500 per month for 4 months)

This is a 12 session coaching program which goes for 16-Weeks (3 sessions a month). One week a month is spent integrating. 

You can start at ANYTIME not necessarily the dates of this event.


Kimberley Jade Rose is a highly trained Kinesiologist (13 years practice) & a Sentuara Practitioner.

Kiesiology & Sentuara:

Kinesiology uses muscle testing to allow the body to communicate which healing modality needs to take place. Including sabotage clearing and over 200 modes to clear and shift energy! 

Sentaura is a multi-dimensional ancient creator frequency and a stream of pure source and higher consciousness here to educate, assist with the awakening, activation, healing, ascension and evolution of humanity and our Earth during the Golden Age of Gaia and the Age of Aquarius.

Sentaura works alongside the Seraphim Diamond Light (Crystalline and Golden Light) and Crystal Light Body Technology as an advanced and multi-dimensional energy healing system to pin point specific parts of your body for healing, enhancement and activation.

"My dream client is an enlightened woman/man, who feels like he/she has so much to offer the world and knows he/she is spiritually connected. However, she/he is working at a job he/she does not really enjoy and he/she doesn't know how to step into the path he/she really desires, of being a Healer, Lightworker or Health Coach. She/he needs help with seeing what her/his purpose is and knows she/he has many gifts to offer but does not know how to bring them forth and offer them - how does he/she step forward? He/she earns good money but does not feel fulfilled. She/he knows there is something else out there for her/him. But who does she/he surrender, trust and allow?" 

Does this speak to you?


Amanda: - October 2021
"Before I came to Kimberley I was feeling stuck, not in control of my energy and didn't really know how to break through to make a change. I had some limiting beliefs that were starting to affect the way that I wanted to live my life.

I had no idea what to expect. Kimberley used many different modalities to tap into my subconscious, in my head, driving to the root of my beliefs. I know that there is more work to be done but I am much clearer on what I want and how I am going to get there. I have also noticed a shift in my relationship with my kids, which was an unexpected benefit.

If you are thinking about trying Kimberley's services please back yourself and reach out to her, you will not regret it. I know I will be returning to using Kimberley's services in the future."

Tracey: – July 2021
"It was a year ago when I sent Kimberley a message asking if she was still doing her Kinesiology as I’d read it could help with suppressed & repressed feelings. I was looking to shed all my heaviness & to start to travel this world lighter.

Little did I know I would be completely cracked open to start living the BEST version of myself. I literally feel like through Kimberley’s work I am living a completely different life to the first 35 years as that unloved, unworthy little girl & that is now all been released & let go. I now have a true place of belonging on this earth I have an understand of ME & who I am, what I deserve & a true connection to my soul & my souls purpose in this lifetime. Kimberley has been the most amazing mentor through my journey of self discovery & Im forever grateful"